All The Things About Recognizing Burnout

When busy attempting to do all of the things, it’s so easy to hit that tipping point into burnout for all of us, and sometimes hard to recognize. In this episode, listen to curated stories of recognizing burnout and also about practicing self kindness and creating a little balance from burnout in your life.

Also, to compliment the stories collected, read a deeper dive into theory behind optimal stress and the tipping point of burnout on medium.

All the Things About My Impostor Syndrome

ATT_Profile_3000x3000It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but I’ve taken some big leaps and bounds very recently in exploring a new way of capturing amazing nuggets of inspiration, wisdom and joy. And as terrifying as this is to put my literal voice, my bizarre accent, and my amateur recording and editing skills out there early — that’s the point right? In Lean In, then Lean the Fuck Out I preached about iterating and trying things to learn.

Well shit. I had to take my own advice.

This is sprint zero.

And it’s a messy, transparent, multi-faceted revelation about my own impostor syndrome woes, and how fears can hold us back from doing amazing things. All the things.